Link to the first Ironman training blog

11 05 2011


I’m training for an Ironman video

11 05 2011

This cracks me up every time I watch it… it’s just so true!

Ironman Entry Conspiracy?

11 05 2011

Australian Ironman entries opened today at 12pm. For the past few days I have had the website open so I would not miss the timeslot. At 11:25am, whilst using the internet at home to do my work, as I have done for the last 2.5 days, my internet died. I tried the other computer. Reset the router a few times but to no avail. I have an Android mobile phone which I can set to act as a wireless network, so I activated that, and tried to get back online. No joy, not even with the SIM from my work Blackberry. At this point I was beginning to think there were other forces at work in preventing me from entering this event. At 11:50am I decided to phone Telstra who performed their usual poor level of customer service, which resulted in me being booked for a technician visit… on Saturday!! I told the fella on the phone that I did need my connection asap to enter a race I have waited a year to enter, but no joy there.

I tried to call Lisa at work, the plan being to walk her through the entry on her work network. No answer.

The neighbours wifi connections are all secured so that option was out. However, I called Jodie (next door) only to discover her internet had been down all morning! I was beginning to think the builder down the road was probably to blame!

Lisa arrived home at about 12:30pm so that explained why she wasn’t answering her work number. Jodie rang to say her internet was now working (but mine still wasn’t) so she gave me her password for their wifi. For some reason this didn’t connect either.

I was running out of options.

Since Lisa had arrived home I now had transport. McDonalds…

We got in the car and at 1pm I dropped Lisa back at her work. I was counting down the hours in my head…. last year it sold out in 8 hours… 7 to go…

I got to McDonalds and logged into the wifi from the carpark. I got on the site after a few attempts and was able to enter my details. Then the connection dropped and I had to start again. This was no good, so we went inside, bought something (a Happy Meal for Holly and BBQ Angus lunch for me)(diet starts when the entry is secured)!

So Happy Meal keeping Holly quiet, and lunch getting cold I resubmitted my details now sat in Beacon Hill McDonalds.

Success…! At 1:36pm I finally secured my place on the startline of the Australian Ironman 2012. It was looking doubtful for a while.

At 2pm it looks as though the places are all taken. The website now says entries are closed and there is no waiting list.

I hope I have a smoother journey to the startline than the journey to get my place on it!

One Year To Go…

6 05 2011

In one years time, on 6th May 2012, I plan to be taking part in my second Ironman triathlon. My first was Switzerland in 2008. I finished in 12:48:12 having had a target of sub 14 hours. This time around my target is still yet to be determined but will be quicker than my previous finishing time!

The first milestone will be to successfully enter the event. Entries open on Wednesday at 12pm AEST.

Idiot Ute driver loose in Mosman!

18 03 2011

Cycling home through Mosman on Monday evening this ute driver passes extremely close to my bike whilst squeezing between me and a central reservation. I rap his car with my knuckles (gloved) to indicate how close he was and to try to get him to move over or back off. He does this, and launches into a verbal tirade along the road up to the junction and continues around the corner, culminating in the throwing of a couple of items from his cab.

I plan to report this idiot to the police on Monday and we’ll see what they want to do about it!

Audax Alpine Classic Extreme 250

24 01 2011





Whilst not altogether connected with cycling in Sydney it has taken a good number of my weekends to train for this event. Well the event was this Sunday and attached is a link to my Garmin log online.

04:00 at the start.
Sunrise from the top of Mt Hotham.
The windy road from Omeo to Anglers Rest.
The High Plains road approaching Falls Creek.

Channel 7 News Feature

11 09 2010

This morning Channel 7 came round, having seen the article in the Manly Daily yesterday. They stayed for a few hours, initially getting some footage of getting my gear on, then leaving the house, and finally down on Pittwater Road amongst some traffic.